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Digital Detox

Upcoming Novel by Susan Flanagan

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Digital Detox, tells the story of a couple who go to Battle Harbour in an attempt to wean themselves off their devices.

For Instagram influencer, Josie Cranshaw, the idea of a weekend without social media is hell on earth. She only agrees to go when her husband, Sam, tells her he won’t be coming home if she doesn’t accompany him to the island off Labrador.

Josie and Sam are perfectly imperfect, stuck in their own version of what is right.

When a storm blows in (of course, a storm blows in) on day two of their three-day stay, Josie and Sam and the other Digital Detox participants find themselves stranded with no connection to the outside world. Josie’s withdrawal from her iPhone and Instagram is acute and physical. The tensions between her and Sam are amplified when Sam discovers a secret Josie has been keeping and goes missing at the height of the storm.

Will the storm do them in or is it just what they need to heal themselves from the digital world?

Digital Detox explores themes of social media addictions and how to break them. The novel also explores what the internet means to each character, and in particular, what it means for them to be separated from it. Ironically, for the characters in this novel, the thing they are trying to get away from is the very thing they need to save themselves.

Battle Harbour

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